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At Zimco advertising we are specialized in personalized service, and enjoy long-standing mutually beneficial business relationships. We work hard to satisfy your objectives and expectations, creating eye-catching and stimulating ideas to help you reach your goals. Our challenge is to deliver unique and creative solutions, on time, without any broken promises and at competitive rates that provides value for money. And to allow your continuous participation in your offices and increase flexibility and closeness, we have included in our workstations laptop computers.

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Once your project has taken a creative, standing out image, we coordinate with our printing team to make sure everything is exactly the way you want it to be, in other terms a job that has been taken care of, from conception to completion, in a creative intelligent way.

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However, we do more than just sell creative services, but rather, we take the time to understand our customers' strategic objectives and, in partnership, agree how our range of complimentary design solutions can best deliver those goals. In essence, we build unique progresses by working together to improve the performance of our customers' communication strategies.